Conovaloff Constantin
Male, born on 15 April 1989, 33 years
Expected position and salary
Senior Software Developer
PHP or Golang or Full-Stack Development
USD per month
About me
10+ years experience with PHP and highly loaded systems.
I have no problems working with legacy code. I love learning how the system works, debugging, finding and fixing errors.

My programming languages:
- PHP (expert)
- JavaScript (expert)
- Golang (expert)
- Python (expert)

Database which I use:
- MySQL (expert)
- PostgreSQL (expert)
- ClickHouse
- Redis
- MongoDB

- Work with highload projects
- Used frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Yii
- Writing code without: XSS, CSRF, mysql injection
- Writing Unit Testing for code

- Multiprocess/Multithreading programming
- Debugging workflows via pyringe
- Network asynchronous socket based applications and prefork

System administration:
- Installation of applications from source codes
- Installation of PHP, Nginx and Apache modules
- Use Docker, Ansible, Nagios, strace and tcpdump

Work experience — 12 years
Jun 2022 — present
Xsolla — Senior PHP Developer in Payment Integration Department
Xsolla is one of worldwide leaders in provide payment services and gateway for video games

My responsibilities:
- Analysis of business issues to create an implementation plan and decomposition of the epic-task for sub-tasks.
- Quarterly planning tasks for the team.
- Conducting the implementation of a business task (monitoring the progress of its implementation + discussing about appeared difficulties and helping to eliminate them + responsobility to completiy managing for the task on time).
- Preparing and presentation progress of work to the management team every sprint.
- Conducting weekly training for the programming team.
- Prioritising and maintaining a backlog of tasks.
- To do the researching about speed problems, creating solutions and improving system
- Create and maintenance the interactions of outside payment system
Jan 2022 — Jun 2022
Idealyst NFT — Chief Developer
Idealyst is a PayToEarn NFT game

My responsibilities:
- Game development with Unity and GameMaker
- FullStack development of the website
- Writing Smart Contracts in Solidity language
- Blockchain development using web3.js
Jun 2019 — Apr 2022
VK — Team Leader of PHP Developers in Advertising Department is the biggest social network in Russia, which entails:

- 50 millions Daily Active Users
- Working in a very high load environment with high responsibility
- Working with the best of the best in the country

My responsibilities:
- Development of targeting and data collection tools
- Development and support of VK pixel tech on external sites
- Development and support of dynamic retargeting
- Development and support of the ads API
- Development of AB testing tools
- Load monitoring, spotting, and elimination of bugs and errors

Notable achievements:
- Helped merging two companies and their code base
- Migrated code from monolith to microservices
Jun 2018 — Jun 2019
RealTimeGroup — Lead PHP Developer
My responsibilities:
- Managing Backend Developer Team.
- Coordination and discussion of projects with the management.
- Development of the project architecture.
- Created the project for automatic processing of receipts and data recognition
- Designing an ElasticSearch database, building queries using complex logic, - Stress Testing
and writing built-in search scripts
- Monitoring code coverage value by automated tests
- Doing Stress Testing
Jan 2016 — Jun 2018
SADESIGN — Software Developer
My responsibilities:
- Fullstack website development. (PHP and JavaScript)
- Using Laravel and Vue.js for development site
- Development of daemon services in Python
- Administering servers and backup system
- Created projects by QT (C++)
Jan 2013 — Dec 2016
Hosting company Beget — PHP Developer
My responsibilities:
- BackEnd PHP programming
- FrontEnd programming
- Full cycle of work on project features
- Elimination of errors (work through bug tracking)
- Profiling problem requests (XHProf and xDebug)
- Using Yii framework for development site
- Writing multiprocess and multithreading, daemons and services for managing servers.
- Administrating:
  • MySql
  • Nginx
  • Apache
  • Network

Notable accomplishments:
  • Writing a fully automated sales system for SSL certificate issuing and deployment for clients' websites
  • Created management and automatic salling system and allocate external IP addresses for clients' websites