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 +from http://​​cgi/​wiki?​CapitalizationRules
 +All letters capitalized. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE, SOISTHIS.
 +All letters lowercase. this is an example, soisthis.
 +BumpyCase, MixedCase, NerdCaps, HumpBackNotation,​ BiCapitalized,​ InterCaps, StudlyCaps
 +Words capitalized and run together. First letter may or may not be capitalized. ThisIsAnExample,​ soIsThis. Sometimes called CamelCase, although that use is debated. "​NerdCaps"​ is sometimes used derogatively to describe product names dreamed up by people in marketing. This is also called Medial capitals http://​​asktheexperts/​faq/​aboutwords/​medial?​view=uk
 +CamelCase, LowerCamelCase
 +First letter lowercase, but after that all words capitalized and run together. thisIsAnExample. A special case of StudlyCaps. See notes on CamelCase.
 +PascalCase, UpperCamelCase,​ Proper case, StudlyCaps
 +All words capitalized and run together. First letter is capitalized. ThisIsAnExample;​ ThisIsATest. See notes on CamelCase.
 +Initial letters capitalized and words run together (like PascalCase),​ but each capital letter must be followed by a lower case letter (hence one-letter words are not accommodated). ThisIsAnExample;​ ThisIsNotAWikiCaseWord (because of the "​AW"​). On this wiki, WikiCase words become HyperLinks.
 +includes UpperCase with underscores and LowerCase with underscores.
 +UpperCase with underscores
 +All letters capitalized,​ words separated by underscores. The CeeLanguage convention of using this case for constants has been adopted by many programmers for other languages as well. THIS_IS_AN_EXAMPLE
 +LowerCase with underscores,​ snake_case
 +All letters lowercase, words separated by underscores. this_is_an_example
 +UpperCase with hyphens
 +All letters uppercase, words separated by hyphens. THIS-IS-AN-EXAMPLE.
 +LowerCase with hyphens
 +All letters lowercase, words separated by hyphens. this-is-an-example.
 +Title case
 +Initial letters capitalized,​ but words separated by spaces. After the first word, articles, conjunctions,​ and prepositions not more than five letters long are all lower case. This Is an Example, So Is This
 +Sentence case
 +First letter of first word capitalized,​ all others lower case except words that are unconditionally capitalized,​ such as proper nouns and "​I"​. This is an example, So is this.
 +Mixed case
 +Most generally, a mixture of upper and lower case letters. Sometimes used synonymously with BumpyCase or CamelCase. This is an example of Mixed Case.
 +German case
 +First letter of first word capitalized,​ as well as all nouns. This is also the case style used in the U.S. Constitution and other 18th- and early 19th-century documents in English. This is an Example, And often the Verbs will also at the End of the Sentence come.
 +Same as UpperCamelCase,​ but may be carried out in a more random fashion, or to its extreme. (alternating every letter). Originates from bulletin-board systems, where it was used along with numeric or symbolic substitution (l1|<3 th15) and other devices to convey apparent coolness. Now generally used only facetiously. tHiS iS aN eXaMpLe.
 +More often than not oNLy VoWeLS aRe LoWeRCaSeD. Used by the dyslexic and ToTaLLy KeWL DuDeS (read, useless gits).
 +Similar to BumpyCase but digits (and punctuation?​) may be present.
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